A Pennsylvania State Constable is a peace officer, locally elected or appointed to serve statewide.  It is the constable’s job to conserve peace and enforce the law (see Act 147 of 1990, 528 Pa., at470, 598 A.2d 9S5).

Pennsylvania constables have the right in Pennsylvania to arrest by warrant and to conduct warrantless arrests for breaches of the peace committed in their presence anywhere in the commonwealth (see Commonwealth v. Taylor).

Specifically, The Office of the Ferguson Township Constable:

  • Serves warrants for the district courts of Centre County.
  • Serves warrants for all the courts of Mifflin and Bedford County as well as the Mifflin County Office of Domestic Relations. 
  • Serves summons and other civil court related papers. 
  • Conducts contract patrols for communities, homeowner associations, apartments and businesses in and around Centre County.  
  • Keeps the peace at community events, sporting events, places of worship and charity events.  
  • Deescalates neighbor disputes.
  • Assists other police agencies and law enforcement as needed and directed.