Serving the Community at Large

Boy Scouts and Eagle Scout

Constable Nedd only made it to Scout First Class while in the Boy Scouts, so he recognizes the monumental achievement of becoming an Eagle Scout.  To have your Eagle Scout recognized by the Constable’s Office, please send an email or call (814) 571-9375.  

Christmas with the Constable

One of our favorite community programs is “Christmas with the Constable.” Constable Nedd will take kids on a shopping spree at a local retailer to pick out Christmas gifts for themselves.  This event is usually covered by the local news and the kids have a great time picking out presents for themselves with gift cards provided by Constable Nedd.


Fostering relationships between community members and law enforcement. Networking and promoting engagement between Constables nationwide and their constituents. Acting locally for national security to build trusting relationships. 

Food Delivery and Pick-up  

During these difficult times, there are a number of families in our community who are without food, and essential items.  There are also those that are, for medical reasons, highly susceptible to contracting the COVID-19 virus.  If you are a Ferguson Township resident  in need of grocery pick-up and/or delivery, please contact the Constable’s Office, and we will make arrangements to pick-up and deliver food to your home.  Additionally, the Constable’s Office has a limited number of sundry item care packages that we can provide for families.   

Operation RU-OK

Senior members of Ferguson Township can receive a friendly call at least once a week by a trusted Operation RU-OK volunteer from the Office of Constable Nedd.  This weekly call is meant to provide peace of mind to these members and their families and friends living near or far. 

The Constables Reentry Project

The Office of the Ferguson Township Constable is committed to ensuring that individuals convicted of criminal offences can reintegrate into society.  Constable Nedd has worked with individuals  to gain meaningful employment after release from correctional facilities. 

Thanksgiving Meals

If you know of individuals in the community who may be in need of a Thanksgiving meal, please contact the Constable’s Office.  We will have a limited number of meals available for those in the community.  

ScholarshipsPlease contact the Constable’s Office directly as our scholarship program is being revised and criteria adjusted. 

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